This is a page that helps you understand the vision and the philosophy we try to express through this project.



The IDE Fantasy project creates a collaboration framework between Japanese and Greek artists in order to develop new ways to interconnect communities across countries through dance and music performance enhanced with open-source digital technologies and the internet.  The project creates a performance that uses technologies such has wearable sensors.  It puts together a team consisting of technology specialists, musicians and dancers to creating a performance that bridges geographical and cultural boundaries between Japan and Greece. The performance integrates themes from classical theater, poetry and literature of Japan and Europe (Izutsu, Daphnis and Chloe, Echo and Narcissus). Our goal is to present this work through workshops, and work-in-progress performances and to perform the resulting piece at the Elevsis23 ECoC festival 2023 and in subsequent events in Japan and elsewhere in 2024 and beyond. The long term goals of the project are to develop new forms of performance and artistic expressions with the use of cutting edge technologies, and to further cultural exchange and cooperation in artistic creation across cultures between Japan, Greece, and other countries.
The project has 2 stages: On May 2022 an open workshop will be held in Eleusis for the development of the works, inclusion of the local community and an open rehearsal. On Spring 2023 the piece will be performance in Eleusis as part of the Elevsis23 activities program.

Project members

Composer and interactive music technology expert Iannis Zannos, is responsible for developing the technological framework as well as the central concept of the project and for the creation of the dance piece “IDE-Fantasy” which constitutes a major performance within the project. Iannis Zannos Iannis Zannos holds degrees in Composition, Musicology and Information Engineering from The City University, Hamburg University, and the University of Tokyo. He researches interactive media arts at the Department of Audiovisual Arts and at the postgraduate course in Arts and Technologies of Sound of the Music Department at the Ionian University, Corfu. Besides performing regularly with Live Coding on SuperCollider, he also participates in artistic collaborations in a Media Arts setting.  Collaborations and artworks include: 

  • 2001: Performance with real time 3D graphics synthesis and sound processing, with Ulrike Gabriel and the Blindman Quartet (Brussels).

  • 2004: Sand Music mobile installation artwork with sound, with Jean-Pierre Hébert (Santa Barbara)

  • 2015: Interactive Sound Installation “Narcissus”, with Jean-Pierre Hébert (Limassol, Cyprus, also shown at Solway Gallery, Cincinnati), Rhythmanalysis live coding performance at ZKM Kubus, Karlsruhe, Osmosis/Migrations interactive audiovisuals and theater and dance performance at Athens Conservatory.

  • 2016: “Balkan Nights” Interactive Sound Installation at Athens Biennale.

Tokyo-based dancer Jun Takahashi is the main choreographer and performer for the Japanese side for IDE-Fantasy, and contributes to the collaboration with the other composers and performers.  Jun Takahashi is an independent Tokyo-based dancer and choreographer. He started contemporary dance as a student, while studying Mime at the Japan Mime Studio (Research Institute). In 1995, he formed the performance group "Water and Oil", and since then he has been energetically performing in Japan and overseas. In 2006, he launched a solo project "Junjun SCIENCE" and produced dance works specializing in more abstract movements and choreography based on Mime's technique. Since completing the overseas training for emerging artists of the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2010, he has often created from the perspective of musicality in dance, and has continued to pursue the concept of  "dance reaches the audience as pure dance”. His most recent works include:

  • 2019 Edamitsu-Honcho Festival (Kitakyusyu)  Invited Dance Performance

  • 2021 Ricoh Prism Neuro Driver Project: Choreography Supervision   https://www.3l.ricoh/ricohprism/neurodriver/

  • 2021 NHK 6jo-ma no Pianoman   Choreography and Actor Coaching

  • 2021 WS project       Giving the WS to immigrant children in Gifu 

Tokyo based dancer Asayo Hisai is main dance partner in the ensemble led by Jun Takahashi and has been performing together with him in the IDE-Fantasy project since 2018.  

Corfu based dancer Mary Randou is choreographer as well as dancer for the performances of Magnetic Dance. Mary Randou is a native of Corfu and a graduate of the State School of Dance in Athens.  As a student, she pursued in parallel creative activities in photography, free drawing, and graphic arts. She has participated in international festivals in Europe as a dancer with Greek and foreign choreographers for more than 17 years.  As a choreographer, she has collaborated in theatrical and music performances, films and video dance projects, and presented her work in international festivals. She was assistant director for the opening ceremony of the Paralympics Games 2004 in Athens and at the choreography team of Dimitris Papaioannou for the European games, in Baku 2015.  She is co-founder of the Corfu-based Garage Performing Arts Center and Garage21 dance company. Collaborations include: Euripides Laskaridis/OSMOSIS (GR), Richard Alston & Martin Lawrence | Alston dance company(GB), Χ- it dance theater (GR), Alexandra Waierstall (DE), Risa Steinberg | Jose Limon (USA), EchoArts (CY), Diego Lis Materon | Floating Islands (DE), Greek National Opera, Hellenic Dance Company, N.Q.R (GR). From 2006 to 2010, Mary Randou worked with choreographer Alexandra Waierstall and Tanzhaus NRW. She presented her first personal work in 2011, under the title “Chaos” eo dance projects. She is co-founder and director of Garage Performing Arts Center since 2012 and Garage21 dance company, since 2018. Garage21 dance co. the last 3 years has received the support of NEON organisation & the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

Athens based dancer Natali Mandila is lead female dancer of the Greek dance team for the project.  She  was born in Athens in 1981. She graduated from the Ionian University in 2004, and from the National Dance School of Athens in 2010.  She currently studies Perceptual Psychoeducation at University Fernando Pessoa. As part of the Residency Program of GPAC in 2016 she created her first choreographic work, a unit of two projects under the general title "Feral". As a performer she has collaborated with several choreographers like Andrea Rama, Eva Randou, Katerina Andreou , Giogros Nikopoulos and danced in venues such as Luxembourg National Theater, Pompidou Center (Paris), Tanzquartier (Vienna), Onassis Cultural Center (Athens) and Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona).

Athens based Dancer Tasos Pappas-Petrides, member of the greek dancers group of the project, graduated from the State School of Dance in Athens and is a member of Arthrosis Dance Company and Hellenic Dance Company. In 2018 he worked with Hikaru Fujii and the choreographer Patricia Apergi during the Onassis Fast Forward Festival 5 (FFF5) in Athens. In 2016 he represented Greece on the International Youth Dance Festival in Macau (China). In 2018 he danced choreographies of Nikos Kalogerakis and Olia Tornaritou on a dance tour in Athens. In 2016 he worked as a dancer in TIF-HELEXPO Thessaloniki as a member of Circus dance company. He is also teaching contemporary dance in dance studios in Athens and Thessaloniki. He has also attended seminars and workshops with Antonis Foniadakis, Guy Shomroni (Gaga technique), Markella Manoliadi, Paul Blackman and Christine Gouzelis, Linda Kapetanea, Konstantina Efthymiadou, Yanis Mandafounis, and others.

Previous Work

May-September 2018: Meetings and Rehearsals of Iannis Zannos with Jun Takahashi and Asayo Hisai in Tokyo.  Evaluation of first prototype (wifi-based Adafruit Huzzah unit).
October-December 2019: First rehearsals in Athens, Iannis Zannos with Tasos Pappas-Petrides and Vaso Florou, using Adafruit Huzzah based prototype for sensors.
March 23, 2019: First telematic performance between 3 cities, presented at Linux Audio Conference 2019 (LAC19). Performers: Iannis Zannos (Stanford, Palo Alto, CA, USA, at CCRMA LAC19 venue), Natali Mandila (Garage 21, Corfu) and Tasos Pappas-Petrides with Vaso Florou (National School of Dance Art, Athens)
May 30, 2019: Demo performances in Jerusalem at Musrara festival of the Naggar Academy of Media Art and Culture (with Iannis Zannos and Natali Mandila) and in Athens at Television Control Center (KET) (with Tasos Pappas-Petrides) using prototype 2 based on Raspberry Pi zero. 
December 2019: Rehearsals for Tokyo local premiere at TAMA Art Festival (Iannis Zannos, 
January 12, 2020: Premiere local performance of IDE-Fantasy as Duo at TAMA Music Festival, Meisei University. Dancers: Jun Takahashi, Asayo Hisai.
September 2020: Rehearsals with Jun Takahashi and Asayo Hisai. Trying out chaotic synthesis algorithms by Takumi Ikeda. 
Switch to prototype 3 of sensors (current prototype).  Arduino-based unit using XBee wireless mesh communication protocol. Continued preparation work in Corfu with Greek team. Technical trial performances between Sapporo (Ebetsu, Ooasa) and Corfu (Garage 21 Peforming Arts Center) in September 11 and 14, 2021, in collaboration with Haruka Hirayama and Mituyo Hashida (Sapporo) and Mary Randou and local team from Ionian University (Corfu).

Timetable/Schedule in 2022 and Beyond

January-April 2022: Meetings, technical preparation, rehearsals in Corfu and Tokyo
April 29-May 5 2022: Rehearsals, Workshop and Work-in-progress performance in Elevsina, Greece
June-July 2022: Meetings, technical preparation, rehearsals in Corfu and Tokyo
August 2022: Meeting, Rehearsals, Workshop and Work-in-progress performance in Tokyo (Morishita Studios) 
September - December 2022: Meetings, technical preparation, rehearsals in Corfu and Tokyo
January-March 2023: Meetings, technical preparation, rehearsals in Corfu and Tokyo
April 2023: Main Performance in Elevsina, Greece (Elevsis23)
May-December 2023: Continued work for next version of piece.
Performance in Tokyo (Venue and Date to be defined).